Cabinetmaking FAQs

Will a salesman/designer visit my home free of charge?

Yes, Tim King will visit your home free of charge if the cabinets you are purchasing have a value of $5,000.00 or greater.

Do you have a showroom and photos to see?

T. L. King has a 1600-square-foot showroom with over 12 full size units on display as well as books with hundreds of photos to view.

What are the terms of sale?

50% down payment for scheduling of the job
50% balance due upon installation date

How many years have you been in business?

T. L. King started in 1981. 2017 is our 36th year.

What type of paint shop do you have for finishing?

All painting is done at our paint shop, not at your home.

How much inventory do you have?

T. L. King has six months of material on supply to avoid scheduling and quality problems.

How long is the installation process?

Most installations can be completed in one day. Larger projects may take two or three days.

What is the difference between stain grade and paint grade wood?

For paint grade, we use a natural maple wood with brown streaks. For stain grade, we use wood of your choice that is free of imperfections.

How many projects are you building at one time?

We have a total of 3 to 4 projects going through the shop at any given time.

How many projects do you construct in a month?

T. L. King constructs and installs 8 to 10 projects each month.

How should I care for my cabinets?

Guardsman Furniture Polish on all stain/finish products and a simple dust cloth on painted projects with no polish. Do not use glass cleaner as furniture polish. Also, keep out of direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold and outdoor elements.

In what geographical areas do you install custom cabinets?

T. L. King Cabinetmakers will install within 100 miles of Cochranville, PA.

What type of finish do you use?

We produce both stained and painted woodwork. We can match existing work and trim. We can create distressed finishes, rub through effects and glazing. We use conversion varnish that is sprayed on.

What about outlets on the wall?

When cabinets are installed in your home we will bring any electrical or cable outlets into the back of the cabinet.

Can you provide lighting?

Yes, we can install low voltage hockey puck style lights.

Do you design cabinets and provide CAD drawings? If so what is the cost?

T. L. King charges $250.00 per CAD drawing plus $60.00 hourly rate for changes or revisions. The $250.00 charge will be credited towards the balance of the project. Please note: if you do not proceed with the order, the $250.00 will not be refunded.

What is the lead-time for delivery/installation?

Installation typically occurs 4-8 weeks after 50% deposit and signed proposals are received.

In what area of cabinetmaking do you specialize?

T. L. King specializes in the following custom cabinetry: Bars, TV Cabinets, Wall Units, Home Office Units, Fireplace Units and Wainscoting.

Do you have color photos or brochures?

T. L. King offers a color brochure as well as hundreds of photos which can be viewed during a home consultation or on a visit to the showroom.

Where is the business located and in what type of facility are your products constructed?

T. L. King Cabinetmakers is a 30,000-square-foot industrial building located at 155 Hood Road, Cochranville, PA 19330.

What design considerations should we keep in mind for our custom bar?

We have prepared design guidelines for your home bar, just click the link.

Do you make your own doors, or are they outsourced?

T. L. King makes our own doors to achieve better grain matching and color selection and also to keep on schedule.

Can you do electrical work?

We cannot do any electrical work except for low voltage lights that are incorporated into our cabinetry.

How do we run cords and wires to components in the cabinetry?

We will provide access holes and grommets that will allow you to run cords and cables to almost any location from an existing outlet.

What do you do with carpet?

A. For units that are built floor to ceiling, we cut the carpet to allow cabinets to sit upon the sub-floor. Then we install base moulding over the cut line to hold the carpet in place.
B. In portable units we do not cut the carpet. The unit is placed directly on top of the carpet.

Should we pick out any electronic components before we start the project?

Yes, it is generally best to decide on all electronic components that you will be using in the cabinetry so that we may design the piece exactly to suit your needs. We can also build cabinets that are generic; however, we cannot guarantee that it will work with all the electrical components that you choose at a later time.

Can we take your work with us if we move to another home?

Portable units can be moved. In most cases, it would not be feasible or cost efficient to disassemble and reinstall permanent built-in units when/if you move.