Custom Home Bars

Below, you'll find common questions asked when wanting to build a custom bar, as well as past projects to help you decide if a custom bar is right for you.

Basement Bar Cabinets

When you are ready to design your home bar, we can help! Our team of experienced cabinet makers can design and build the perfect basement bar cabinets for your home. Whether your bar design includes a wet bar or dry bar (no sink), we will handcraft your custom cabinets with the same care and precision given for each piece of cabinetry produced in our shop. Your home bar design can be any shape that works for you. The most frequently built shapes are a straight run, an “L” shape, or a “U” shape.

For design ideas, you will find a gallery of some of our past work below.
Also below are common questions pertaining to custom built bars.

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General Items and Questions to Consider About Your Custom Designed Home Bar

Do you want us to put raise panels on all appliances? If yes, we like to have all appliances shipped to our cabinet shop for custom fitting on all door panels.

We prefer our customers to purchase the appliances and fill out all warranty cards and call the service man if they fail.

What type of wine rack? Box style or Lattice Style?

Where will you put glassware? A fully stocked professional bar can have at least 14 different glass types.

Glassware behind glass doors?

Glassware hanging under upper hanging cabinets on back bar?

Glassware upon open glass shelves?

Glassware hanging on soffit above drink surface?

Mirrors in back bar for upper cabinets? Mirrors in wood frame?

Plain wood back or beaded board back in cabinets?

Do you want a TV in back bar? TV on regular angle bracket? TV on cantilever arm?

Do you want a wet bar sink or a dry bar?

Do you want a working bar? Two levels, one level at 36” height and a serving area at 42”.

Backsplash granite or wood?

Do you want one big serving area with bar height at 42”?

How many appliances do you want? Standard dishwasher, dishwasher drawers under counter, refrigerator that’s all refrigerator or refrigerator with wine cooling combination? Wine cooler by itself? Ice maker by itself or refrigerator/ice maker combo or will you bring in ice from a different location via ice bucket. Beer Meister? Microwave, exposed or behind doors?

How many drawers?

What will you need for bar tools and bar tool storage? Possibilities include corkscrews, bottle openers, measuring spoons and napkins.

How much storage with doors to enclose liquor

Locks on doors?

Trash bin pull-out for trash or also bins for recycle?

Do you want a pull-out for ice bucket instead of buying an ice maker?

Where do you want electrical outlets?

Soffit at ceiling?

Coffered ceiling?

Bottle steps located on back bar to set bottles on with interior rope lighting?

Hockey puck or rope lighting?

Who will contact the plumber, electrician, painter and flooring experts?

What type of surface material do you want, wood, granite or both?

Do you want a Chicago wood handrail fastened to either one?

What type of a design are you looking for on the serving bar?

A. Solid wood raise panels with wood braces.

B. Solid wood raise panels with fluted pilasters and corbels.

Do you want a foot rail or no foot rail. Note: Some customer will purchase bar stools with footrests to save the expense of a foot rail.

Stock foot rails & brackets come in polish brass or stainless steel only, but we can provide other custom finishes and colors for an extra charge.