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Fireplace Cabinets

Specialized cabinets to highlight your fireplace.

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PHOTO 1000
PHOTO 1001
Fireplace Wall Unit
PHOTO 1003
Fireplace Unit
Cherry Wood
12.jpg (110914 bytes)   14.jpg (108017 bytes)
PHOTO 1004
Painted w/Angled Ends
PHOTO 1005
Painted Fireplace Unit
PHOTO 1006
Painted Fireplace Unit
15.jpg (126799 bytes)
PHOTO 1007
Fireplace Unit
Cherry Wood
PHOTO 1008
Painted Fireplace Unit


PHOTO 1009
Painted Fireplace Unit
PHOTO 1010
Painted Fireplace
  PHOTO 1011
Cherry Fireplace Cabinets
  PHOTO 1012
Fireplace Unit
 1013.jpg (156760 bytes) 1014.jpg (112810 bytes)  1015.jpg (160449 bytes)
PHOTO 1013
Maple Wood
PHOTO 1014/PHOTO 1015
Before and after of 
Painted Fireplace with
Plasma TV
1016.jpg (136890 bytes) 1017.jpg (74037 bytes) 1018.jpg (132405 bytes)
PHOTO 1016
Painted Fireplace Units
with Plasma TV
PHOTO 1017/PHOTO 1018
Before and after of Cherry Cabinets 
1019.jpg (96451 bytes) 1019.jpg (96451 bytes)
PHOTO 1019
Painted Cabinets
PHOTO 1020
Painted Fireplace Units
PHOTO 1021
Cherry Fireplace Units

PHOTO 1032
Before / After
PHOTO 1033
Cherry TV Unit, Built-in
PHOTO 1034
Maple/Painted Cabinet

PHOTO 1035
Maple Fireplace Unit
PHOTO 1036
Painted Fireplace Unit


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